The Fort Worth Swing Dance Syndicate Board

Linh Nguyen

Linh began her dance journey three years ago right here in Fort Worth. Since then, she's taken an interest in planning dance events and growing the scene in our community.

As President, Linh schedules events, instructors, and contributes to the overall vision of the syndicate.

"Let's daaaaaaance! "

Nestor Torres

Nestor has been a regular here and quite possibly at every other swing dancing location in the DFW area. New to the board this year, Nestor can be found regularly teaching, practicing, and wandering around behind the scenes.

"Do I really have to give a quote?"

Kapya Ilay

Kapya started swing dancing at the University of Florida in 2013.

"After 4 years of being part of the board in Florida, I wanted to take a break from organizing when I moved to Fort Worth but I guess I can't leave the organizing life and here I am, at it again."

"Ask me to dance!"

Lauren Andrews

Lauren grew up with the jitterbug and love for the 1940s from her grandparents. She officially started learning swing dancing with FWSDS in early 2019. Her main love is Lindy Hop, though she is getting into Shag!

As member-at-large, Lauren is in charge of facilitating communication between the board and the dancers, and in charge of FWSDS's social media.

"We should all do more things that make us lose track of time - that's what Swing Dancing is for me!"

Vice President
Kris Garrett

Coming Soon!


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